The Minority Biomedical Research Support
Support of Continuous Research Excellence
(MBRS-SCORE) Program

Principal Investigators and Current Research Projects


Díaz, Manuel E School of Medicine Anatomy
Inst. Neurobiology
SC1 The Role of Spinal Interneurons in the Control of Vertebrate Locomotion
Duconge, Jorge School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences SC2 Prevalence of polymorphic CYP2C9 and VKORC1 variants in Puerto Ricans
Jiménez, Braulio School of Medicine Biochemistry SC1 Molecular mechanism of cytokine induction: effects by Saharan dust
Martínez, Idali School of Medicine Microbiology SC2 Cross-protection studies between DENV and WNV in mice
Miranda, Jorge D. School of Medicine Physiology SC1 Eph receptors as repulsive guidance molecules after spinal cord injury control of Motor Systems by Cotransmitters.
Rodríguez, Nuri School of Medicine Microbiology SC3 Studies on the dimorphism of Sporothrix schenckii; Role of G protein subunits
Vlaar, Cornelis School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences SC3 Cyclic Disulfides as Inhibitors of Enzymes with Active-site cysteine Residues
Blanco, Rosa School of Medicine Dept. Anatomy/ Inst. Neurobiology SC1 Neurotrophin Interactions and Retinal Ganglion Cell Regeneration
Espino, Ana M. School of Medicine Dept. Microbiology SC1 Towards a vaccine against Fasciola hepatica using FhSAP2 as an antigen
Serrano, Adelfa E. School of Medicine Dept. Microbiology SC1 The glutathione redox System: a candidate target for antimalarial therapeutics
Sosa, María A. School of Medicine Dept of Anatomy SC3 Neuropeptide modulation of biogenic amine function and aggression in crustaceans

Further information on each faculty member's research interests are in the Faculty Research Interests section of the RCMI website under the department in which he or she holds their academic appointment.

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